Trustwave Webinar Series

Database Security Expert Insights

event Watch our three-part webinar series.

Webinar 1

"When Patching isn’t Enough: Methods to Properly Manage Vulnerabilities"
Held October 31, 2018 | Recording available here.

It is imperative to effectively manage database vulnerabilities to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your databases. Watch this webinar for discussion on methods to properly manage vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that could be putting your databases at risk, including:

  • Conducting an inventory of all databases.
  • Scanning databases and assessing potential risks.
  • Developing an effective remediation plan to address vulnerabilities.
  • Implementing an ongoing and repeatable process.

Webinar 2

"Access Granted or Denied: Framework for Effective User Rights Management"
Held November 14, 2018 | Recording available here.

Misused privileges can pose a major risk to database security, which is why organizations must properly identify and manage users, roles and privileges. The best way to establish meaningful controls that track users - or to capture an audit trail for a breach investigation - is to know who has access to what and why/how they have been granted that access. View this webinar to learn more about the important concepts involved with user rights management for your databases, including:

  • Audit all user accounts and identify those that may be excessively privileged.
  • Review how privileges are created.
  • Establish risk mitigation and compensating controls.

Webinar 3

"Thwarting Insider Threats with Accurate and Efficient Activity Monitoring"
Held November 28 | Recording available here.

Do you know what your users are doing with your data? Insider threats can be a detriment to your organization and to the data your entrusted to you by your customers. SQL Injections from external sources, exfiltration from an inside attacker or - worst of all - a loss of data from a disgruntled employee can occur in a moment’s notice. Being able to identify such activities quickly can help stop data theft and can save you time, money and your reputation. Watch our webinar to learn more about pragmatic approaches to implementing activity monitoring, including:

  • Defining authorized activities.
  • Deploying a policy-based activity monitoring methodology.
  • Setting up triggered alerts to detect activities that violate policies.


Thomas Patterson
Senior Product Manager, Database Security & Vulnerability Management, at Trustwave