What is Your Organization’s Data Worth?

Global study finds major disparities in how companies assess & protect data

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Not all data is valued equally. From personally identifiable information to payment card numbers to corporate email, the value of data varies greatly depending on who you ask, in what industry they work and where they are based. A deep understanding of these discrepancies is critical for adequately assessing risk, including the potential impacts of a breach, and implementing the proper security measures to combat criminal activity.

Trustwave commissioned industry analyst firm Quocirca to ask 500 senior IT managers spanning Australia, Canada, Japan, the U.K. and the United States to examine the values placed on four key data types, as well as how they care for that data.

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  • How values placed on PII data vary greatly across countries and industries.
  • Which sectors are surprisingly falling short in terms of data risk assessments.
  • The types of PII data cybercriminals consider a cash cow.
  • Common, industry-wide lackadaisical attitudes toward protecting email.
  • New fines on the horizon that will change how businesses care for data.
  • Recommendations for evaluating data risk and protecting against compromise.