Advanced Threat Report: Banks Under Attack

Trustwave SpiderLabs has uncovered a massive onslaught against the financial industry that is poised to spread globally.

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Our Trustwave SpiderLabs team has uncovered a new attack campaign targeting several banks and resulting in estimated losses of $100 million.

This incredibly well-orchestrated operation demonstrates the patience and sophistication of organized cybercrime groups. They coordinated efforts between physical teams, who opened bank accounts to be used in the heists, and online criminals, who hijacked and manipulated bank and processor networks.

Although these attacks originated in Russia and Eastern Europe, our experts believe the worst of this “hybrid-style” campaign is yet to come.

Advanced Threat Report Summary

Download this advanced threat report, which includes numerous practical illustrations, to discover:

    • How so-called “mules” were used to open new bank accounts using counterfeit documents.
    • How the cybercriminals slipped quietly inside bank networks and moved laterally to access third-party processor networks.
    • How they changed overdraft limits on fraudulent bank cards to permit coordinated ATM withdrawals of tens of millions of dollars.
    • What types of malicious code and other tactics were used in the daring heists.
    • Why banks beyond the post-Soviet region should expect this threat to move toward them and how they should prepare and respond.