What is helping to keep the cybercrime floodgates open?

Our report dissects the security talent and budget crisis - and what it means to you.

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Are you failing to hire and retain staff, tap into skilled personnel and advance budgets that are optimized for the security needs of your organization?

You’re not alone. Featuring responses from nearly 150 IT security decision makers, this complimentary report conducted by independent firm Osterman Research equips you with the latest data and insight to grasp and address the troubling trends surrounding security resource shortages.

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  • How difficult is it to find, recruit and retain IT security talent?
  • Are security teams more concerned with hiring staff or obtaining skills?
  • In which areas are organizations most in need of security skills?
  • Which areas of security do decision makers believe should receive the most funding?
  • What remedies exist to fill security resource gaps?
  • What can get an IT security staff member fired?