Trustwave Webinar featuring Gartner analyst, Pete Shoard

How to Mature Your Security & Risk Program Through Visibility, Protection & Remediation

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Organizations need to continually mature their security programs as threats and risks change. There are three questions every company, big or small, needs to ask themselves when it comes to security:

  • What security risks and threats do I need to mitigate?
  • How can I mitigate those risks?
  • Why is this mitigation and method the most appropriate for my organization?

In this webinar, we answer these questions and more with two industry leaders: An expert from Trustwave and an analyst from Gartner. They will discuss how to define maturity benchmarks and how to plan, build and execute an optimized security program.


Pete Shoard
Research Director at Gartner

James Tomlinson
Vice President of Product Management at Trustwave