The Complete Guide to Building a Security Culture

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Considering virtually every one of your users touches systems and data, it only seems natural that every employee should understand and appreciate their role in keeping the organization safe from cyberattacks, intrusions and information loss.

But that is not always the case: Security can seem like an inconvenience and an obstacle to getting one’s job done. When this attitude permeates the company, bad things tend to happen.

To change that, every employee – including you and your team – must get it. Like, really get it. When your staff, from the CEO to the first-job-out-college newbie, think about security instinctually and reflexively because they understand why it’s so important, good things will happen. And your job will instantly become easier.

First, we need to get you there, and this e-book will position you well on your way to building a sustainable security culture.

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  • The three primary challenges you face that are driving the need for a company culture baked in security.
  • How IT security can work with other business units in the technology procurement process.
  • How to get security buy-in from the C-Suite and Board to experience the trickle-down effect of leading by example.
  • Tricks to get your users passionate about practicing good security hygiene.
  • Best practices for obtaining multi-department support in the event of a security incident.
  • How compliance requirements intersect with the need to develop a security culture.